21 de jul de 2009


The Taylor's live in a dark and sad house. Everything there looks so dead, without any evidence of life. They were reminiscing that even on Christmas, the energy of the house looks the same; the gifts and the magnificent dinner do not make any effect.
For this reason, they started to spend more time in the ranch. The celebrations there give energy for all of the family. Even the barbecue makes them as toasty as the sausage. The kids can swim in the lake, go fishing and run across the green and wet garden. It is a kind of family's tradition. They have the ranch for almost fifty-years, forty-eight to be more exact.
The harmony remains there. They also have some animals: Horses and cows, cat and dogs and even a huge chicken coop. That's why they have eggs three times a week. It makes sense now.
The lack of problems in the ranch is impressive. The couple usually goes for a walk through the trees to watch some exotic birds feeding their babies. Their two offspring prefer to climb the rocks or play with the animals.
School, jobs and bills are forgettable things and also the noisy neighbors who every weekend have parties and more parties. Nevertheless, they do not want to think about these problems. They only want to appreciate the sunny and perfect weekend, listening the soundtrack of the birds and the laughter of the kids.

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