6 de ago de 2009

Come Together...

Lucas: She's right here, eating chocolate and biting her nails. We just had seen each other about 3 hours ago. She saw her bestfriend, my roommate, that's why she's so happy. She wears my coat, ask for somethings that I'll never lend her and complains about me. I thought I would never say this, but I like her attitudes.

Masha: Bla Bla Bla...Ha-Ha)))))but I still like my LuKas Esposito...and i hate when he ask me -Are u okey?Are u cold?Are u hungry?and the worse -Take care,bye)And the top irritating phrases-
1.I have to go home.
2.I like u..but..
3.U need bra..
4.Do u have bus card or coins?
5.I'm sorry,but I need my computer,adaptor,iPod.
6.I have ,but not for u.I'm sorry

Lucas: I just do these things, because I am worried about u. Take care OK? And buy the fucking bra!

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Katrina disse...

Meu inglês tá péssimo

Aline disse...

Vc disse que iria pooostar em alguma coisa que eu entendeesseee =(
A buuh =/